Human resource development is the key to success for all businesses

The business team at the Business Training Center has been working closely with the beneficiaries of the training process in a practical and interactive way to ensure that the most urgent needs are met and to provide the most recent programs, through a set of modern tools and techniques for the training industry, which we believe achieve the goal of training to empower individuals and executives to Reaching the most comprehensive success.

We took human development as a basic pillar in all its work, and human development was and still is the basis of all our development efforts, since the beginning of our serious work towards interest in investing in human capital as it is the most important source of real wealth, and we work according to the foundations of learning by participation and experience. And expert directs.

Our vision

To be the first center to provide training in practice and application.

Our Mission

Developing leadership and administrative skills and capabilities for all administrative levels to develop human competencies to achieve comprehensive development

Our Values

Our values are the result of ten years of work in investing in human resources, participation, practice, exchange of experiences, reliability, quality.

In business thinking, we aim to develop the technical, behavioral and administrative capabilities and skills of individuals with their various goals, to enable them to perform effectively and productively leading to the achievement of the entity / institution’s goals or individual goals with the highest possible efficiency, and we always strive to develop and maintain our strategic goals that ensure the achievement of our vision and achieve the enforcement of our mission and values, which are As follows:

  • We always aim to create an integrative relationship between the center and job seekers.
  • We are always interested in providing training and qualification products to achieve the goals of institutions and individuals alike.
  • We always strive to take initiative and raise the efficiency of the labor market.
  • We are always looking for what distinguishes us in the market through quality programs and distinguished trainers.
  • To win the trust, which is what we aspire to, through everything we offer to our clients.

In business thought, we are committed to the principles of training and development in accordance with standards that guarantee the best returns, as we strive before presenting our programs to understand and study the current situation of the client in several aspects, including the work environment, challenges that he faces and the type of competition in the market. Training programs are presented to specialists to review and ensure that they comply with the standards of the curricula Training. In addition, we periodically assess the current situation of the training market and learn about everything new.

  1. Accounting, Finance, Contract and Procurement Management
  2. Leadership, management and quality
  3. Department of Planning and Strategies
  4. Secretarial, administrative work, communication and writing skills
  5. Human resources and training
  6. Personal skills and self-development

The center relies on the latest methods of training so that the focus is on effective participation and work to provide the participants with the necessary skills with intensifying the exchange of experiences between the participants and the trainer in order to achieve the desired goals of the training.

  1. Case studies
    We provide training courses with many realistic practical cases stemming from the work environment to ensure the participation of trainees, enhance the process of exchanging knowledge and experience between them and the trainer, and develop their analytical skills.
  2. Applications
    We aim to enable participants to assess their knowledge and experience by returning the direct impact, helping them to identify areas that require improvement and development, and providing them with an opportunity to apply the skills and experiences gained during the training program.
  3. Practice
    We help to refine the skills of participants in dynamic locations that represent simulations of practical reality, in order to provide an immediate assessment of their performance and decisions, and to clarify the (cause and effect) relationships in the decision-making process.
  4. Role play
    This method provides an opportunity for the participant to live the managerial or behavioral problem as it is in practice, and analyze the roles defined by his job, his organizational and personal relationship with others, and coordination between them.


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